Meet Dom LeRoux: E-commerce Innovator and Digital Marketing Strategist

With over two decades dedicated to this dynamic industry, Dom's journey began as a web developer and internet entrepreneur in 2000. His trajectory evolved into a multifaceted career, including pioneering e-commerce education at Huntington Jr College and collaborating with industry giants like IBM to shape the next generation of e-business solution advisors.

Today, Dom harnesses his wealth of experience to craft cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for e-commerce enterprises, specializing as a contractual Web & E-commerce Project Manager, particularly adept with the Shopify e-commerce platform. His holistic approach, blending technical prowess with a business acumen honed over years of practical application, enables Dom to spearhead and navigate e-commerce initiatives seamlessly.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dom is an advocate for personal growth, positivity, and gratitude, beliefs that drive both his career and personal life. As a proud father, avid traveler, and esteemed member of the Advisory Panel for the Digital Marketing Certificate Program at The University of South Florida Muma College of Business, Dom is committed to driving change through innovation and empowering individuals to transform their perspectives for a brighter future.

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