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E-commerce Customer Centric Strategies To Increase Sales Conversion

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Businesses focus on their customers’ needs and attempt to find strategies revolving around them. In the same vein, e-commerce stores need to build customer centric online stores that engage their customers and provide them with user-friendly experience. But then, many e-commerce entrepreneurs/managers are still in the dark about the tactics to adopt.

How do you build customer centric strategies that meet your customer expectations?

Satisfying your customers starts with knowing their expectations. To begin with, write down a list of their expectations; then create customer centric strategies to meet those expectations. Greatly, doing so will reduce hesitations that customers may have before making a purchase. And ultimately, your chance for sales conversion increases.

To better illustrate how an e-commerce store could create customer centric strategies,

let’s say that the expectation of ABC Inc. customers are as follow:

  • Products must be easy to use,
  • Products must be at a competitive price, and;
  • Products have to be durable.

Consequently, ABC Inc. could consider using the following customer centric strategies:

Easy to use

To help demonstrate how their products are easy to use, Company ABC Inc. could create a "product usage tutorial video". More than anything, online video also contributes to a successful SEO strategy.

Competitive price

The psychology of a shopper is naturally price-sensitive and will be more likely to make the purchase when there’s a significant perceived value. ABC Inc. may choose to offer product bundling as its pricing strategy since it’s fairly simple to implement, and more likely to increase a significant perceived value. Plus, it is a great way to increase average order value. If you have a Shopify / Shopify Plus Store, there are many bundling apps available at

Products durability

While many elements define the quality and credibility of the products an e-commerce store offers, one element that has a significant impact is Product Reviews. Company ABC Inc. could add reviews or testimonials from existing customers to its product description page.

While the above are just examples of customer centric strategies e-commerce companies could choose to meet their customers’ expectations, there are many others. Regardless of the strategies chosen, the main goal is to reduce your customers’ hesitation by reassuring them about what they already know and emphasizing what they still need to know before purchasing a product in your store.

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