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My Passion for E-commerce and My Experience Working as a Web Project Manager

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The main reason I got into e-commerce

My passion for technology and adept problem-solving skills led me to work in web development in the early 2000s. However, I also have a strong interest in business, especially business processes and sales. Intrigued by the way the Internet has transformed business models by removing distance and time barriers, I decided to direct my passion for technology and related skills toward studying and pursuing a career in e-commerce.  

My experience developing, analyzing, and implementing digital initiatives

I have experience collaborating with members of cross-functional teams to manage all aspects of digital initiatives, including setting digital marketing KPIs. In my past experiences, I have implemented digital initiatives for up to 5 sites at a time. I have spearheaded digital initiative testing and measured results (A/B testing, multivariate testing, Conversion Rate, CPA, CPC, and using analytics to measure results).

In my years of experience, I’ve also acted as project manager, which has included evaluating, prioritizing, and presenting results to CEOs, product owners, and clients.

My experience managing e-commerce sites and web projects

My combined project management and technical experiences have proven to help fill the gap and improve communication effectiveness among developers, clients, and all stakeholders in any given project, regardless of the level of complexity.

I have been contributing to business cases to support prioritization, including compilation of costs for ROI development. I have managed requirement gathering and interfaced with vendors during development. As a web project manager, I have spearheaded testing processes and managed QA processes from test case creation to oversight of QA/UAT efforts.

I have helped manage prioritization processes for maintenance and bug fixes; obtained input from customers, partners, and supporting departments; and worked with vendors to ensure execution throughout. In addition, I have been working to support e-commerce platforms (Shopify Plus & WordPress), including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and JS Framework.  

Dom LeRoux
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