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5 Tips on How to Kick the Habit of Indecisiveness

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5 Tips on How to Kick the Habit of Indecisiveness

5 Tips on How to Kick the Habit of Indecisiveness

All of us have to make decisions, either easy or challenging, throughout our lives. It is not hard to understand that our decisions affect our lives significantly. Good decisions make our lives easier but to make a good decision; you have to decide. That said, so many people are afraid of making wrong decisions, so they avoid making decisions or take too long to decide.

A great decision can be made with minimum energy and time; here is how:

1. Be sure about your purpose: A decision becomes easier when you know what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to be a professional athlete, you will have a clear picture of what you should or shouldn't do. How much time do you need for practice? What should you eat? Where should you live?

2. Be logical: We often make emotional decisions and then use logic to defend or justify those decisions. People often make terrible decisions because of their emotions. Surely you don't want to stand in that line, or do you? You can only make a good decision if you proceed with logic. Let’s say you are advising your friend; you will try to be logical. Use that approach to make a decision for yourself too.

3. Plan your day in advance: Making impulsive decisions can prove to be a wrong choice, so make them in advance. For instance, if you planned to meet your brother at lunch tomorrow, make an early decision and stick to it. Sticking to your decisions is equally important as making them.

It happens very often that we make decisions for our next day, and when the day comes, overthinking consumes our mind, and we fail to implement what we decided. The thing is, you don’t have to make perfect decisions. Just make rational decisions and implement them properly.

4. A deadline will be helpful: You don't have to take too much time while making a decision. You can do it quickly, and to make it effective, set some deadlines. Deadlines can be a great way to motivate yourself to implement your decisions.

5. Do not chase perfection: It is almost impossible to be perfect. Therefore, focus on being good, smart, and effective. Please don't chase the rabbit; you will never get it.

The inability to make decisions and make them timely can adversely affect your life. And, you can improve the quality of life you live by making timely and effective decisions. Don't be afraid of making decisions if you have enough logic and information to proceed. Besides, what good will you do if you don't decide at all? Just be clear about what you want to do or achieve. Make rational and logical decisions and stick to them. Don’t go for perfection because there isn’t any. 


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