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7 Attributes of Great Leaders

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7 Attributes of Great Leaders

It is easy for some of us to think big, but practical implementation is always the toughest part. Great ideas always inspire people, and leaders inspire people to chase those ideas.

While there are several core leadership skills, consider improving the following important traits and attributes to help you become a more effective leader:


Confidence is a prime quality of leaders. How can you inspire someone to follow you in chasing something if you are hesitant or uncertain? Confidence is a morale lifter for those who follow you, especially when things are getting off-track.


If someone says something to you, will you trust him/her? It will depend on the reputation or character of that person. The same goes for leadership because the character of a leader is the most important attribute. Trustworthiness comes with honesty, integrity, and respect for others. You cannot lead people if they do not trust you.


Enthusiasm or passion for achieving something is an ability that differentiates leaders from other people. If you are enthusiastic and lively in your ambitions and actions, you will inspire your team to do the same. Make people realize that how important is the set goal for you and them.


"Slow and steady wins the race," and there is absolutely no doubt in it. Consistency and the ability to move towards your goal is one of the finest qualities of a leader. There will be "dark and gloomy" days, but there will be sunshine. However, if you lose your focus or passion during dark days, better days will become a distant reality. Keep moving towards your goal even if you have to crawl.


The most difficult thing in pursuing your goal is to stay focused. Distractions can divert you from your goals, and a leader has this ability to focus on the things that are important even if the situation is not favorable. However, thinking too far is not wise, either. Stay focused on tasks at hand and set milestones.


In the real world, nothing happens as planned. If you are up to something, you will find a lot of obstacles in your way, and how you tackle them will depend on your leadership abilities. In my opinion, good leaders should always turn calamities into favorable situations. They may take the long route according to the situation, but they do not divert from the path. Adaptability is always associated with leaders.


Leaders must be great communicators. What are the qualities of a great communicator? He/she talks to his/her team about his/her vision. But, apart from talking, he/she listens to his/her team. If you want to lead people, you have to listen to their opinions, perceptions and make them realize that their words are important to you.

The traits and attributes discussed are universal, and it does not matter which company or industry you work in or what kind of leadership style your organization follows. When you improve those traits and attributes, you will inspire people to follow you.

Dom LeRoux

It does not happen in the practical world that you wake up one day and start leading people. Yes, there are several leadership theories, but leadership is highly dependent on personal attributes as well. If you have those charismatic attributes, you can adapt to any leadership system. Also, leadership evolves with learning and personal effort.

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