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At The End of The Day, The Only Thing That Matters is Actions

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At The End of The Day, The Only Thing That Matters is Actions

At The End of The Day, The Only Thing That Matters is ActionsDo you spend all of your free time thinking, reading, and searching on Google about how to reach your goals, to move forward with your career or on tips to improve your life but never seems to make any meaningful progress in your life? Are you trying to take your life to the next level by using the power of your mind alone? How is that working for you?

Here is a fact: nothing changes until your actions change.

While researching tips to improve ourselves is the first step, but it is only when we take actions that anything actually happening in our life. And, too many times we are getting stuck in what seems to be an indefinite loop or over researching and gathering information without moving on to the next step which is “Taking Action”.

Consider these ideas to take action:

1. You have to do something for something to happen.

Nothing happens until you act. You can’t wish or visualize your way to a plate of food, a fancy car, the partner of your dreams, or a successful business. Those things might make it easier for you to act, but you must still take action of some kind.

  • Unless you’re telekinetic, you can’t even make a paperclip move across your desk without taking action.
  • The more you want to accomplish, the bigger the action you’ll need to take.

2. It’s not what you can do that matters.

It’s what you actually do that count. The amount of capability you possess only increases the number of options you have available.

  • Having options isn’t the same as choosing one and taking action.

3. Your beliefs, values, and thoughts influence your behavior.

For example, if you believe that you’re smart, capable, and good looking, your behavior will be different than if you believe that you’re simple-minded, incapable, and homely in appearance. Here are some more examples:

  • Do you believe that failure is fine or to be avoided at all costs?
  • Do you believe that most people are inherently good or inherently bad?
  • Do you value safety or adventure?
  • Do you have positive thoughts about your goals or negative?
  • None of these things has any actual power in the world, other than that they can alter the choices you make and the actions you take.

4. The law of averages is ultimately on your side.

If your dream is to play the piano, you can certainly do it. You simply have to keep trying. A pro pianist might play a certain piece better than you do, but you’ll most likely be successful eventually.

  • Nobody likes to be interrupted while speaking. Therefore, listen quietly when others are speaking. You will get your time.
  • When you take action, you get a result. You’re bound to get the result you want eventually if you take action long enough. Eventually, the law of averages will pay off.
  • When you do nothing, you always fail.

5. Action creates potential.

When you take action, you can learn from your results. When you take action, things change. New opportunities become available. You might meet a new person that can help you get what you want. When you take the first step, the next step appears.

  • Things start happening when you start moving. Nothing happens while you’re learning, scheming, and planning.

Things begin to change when your behavior changes. You’ve proven this to yourself thousands of times throughout your life. Your life changed when you started school, changed schools, and made new friends. Your life was different after you made permanent changes to your diet or started a new diet.

You can’t just accumulate knowledge, daydream, or make grand plans. You have to DO new things.

When your behavior changes, your life changes. How do you want your life to change? What can you DO to make it happen? When will you get started?


Dom LeRoux |

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