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The Perks of Wearing the Same Outfit Daily

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The Perks of Wearing the Same Outfit Daily

Over the years I've come to discover the power of simplicity. What led me to this discovery was my pursuit of ways to boost my productivity. 
Entrepreneurs, in particular, are always looking for ways to improve their output. So, is there a method to boost productivity?

The Perks of Wearing the Same Outfit Daily

One thing that was wearing me down was the huge number of decisions I had to make every single day. Decisions that had no favorable impact on my output, and did nothing to improve my quality of life.
As many as 35,000 decisions are reported to be made by the average person each day. To eat or to not to eat? Which shirt should I wear? Which of the doors should I use? For lunch, where should we go? Can you see how all of this doesn’t fit into the grand scheme of things?

Simplifying your decision-making process might help you conserve mental energy. This has been worked out by some of the most successful individuals in the world already. They simply dress in the same manner on a daily basis. And when I put this technique to the test, I got great results too.
For over 20 years, when it comes to clothing, I have been minimalistic, typically only wearing a black or white shirt. And I have nothing but good things to say about this approach!
Here’s why I've done away with all the excessive decision-making and switched over to one uniform outfit:

Saves Time

I despise wasting my time. Maintaining a uniform makes getting dressed a snap. Instead of spending five or ten minutes selecting what to wear, I can take my outfit, put it on, and move on to the more essential tasks on my to-do list.

Feels Good with No Experimentation

You'll always feel good in your clothing if you pick them based on their comfort. If you pick a favorite style and stick to it, you’ll enjoy that too! Either way, it’s a win-win situation. No more worrying about what to wear and how to pull it off. If you ask me, I think the stress relief is really worth it.

Pocket Friendly

Let’s be honest, putting together a good outfit not only takes up time, energy, and strategy, but also quite a bit of money! Clothing is by no means cheap, and spending loads of it on curating multiple “perfect” outfits can really add up.
We have a lot of clothes and shoes in our closets that we haven't worn in a long time. Embracing a uniform saves a lot of money and time by eliminating the need for experimental clothing purchases, as well as the time spent returning products and getting refunds.
It's becoming more and more common for people to follow minimalist ideals when it comes to their clothing selections, and they're reaping the benefits. It's a great way to save time, money, mental energy, and you can now spend these resources on the things that really count!
Dom LeRoux

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