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How You Can Get Better At Something Quickly

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How You Can Get Better At Something Quickly

How You Can Get Better At Something Quickly

Do you wish that you would be better at exercising regularly, have better communication skills, or could manage your emotions in a better way while tackling challenging situations or people? Or maybe you’d like to be better at managing your projects at work?

We must give our best to what we do and becoming good at something isn't always easy. Some people are lucky enough to have in-born skills, and they can polish them without toiling hard.

However, most of us need to question ourselves, "how can I learn this skill quickly?”.

Well, the good thing is, we have tonnes of information at our fingertips and it is either completely free or costs you just a few bucks. The only thing you need is motivation, enough time, and the right game plan to do it.

A smart approach is vital in mastering any skill, and you may not believe it, but if you do it right, you can be good at many things earlier than you think.

Here are the top 5 result-oriented steps that can help you to be better at something.

1. Be True to Your Goals and Have Self Belief

  • Henry Ford quoted, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” and this is absolutely true. Your attitude towards your goals is a decisive factor in your success or failure. If you want to learn or improve something, it is mandatory that you spend your time and energy on it, and the chances of your success will definitely increase.

2. Equip Yourself with Knowledge

  • There is loads of information and guidance on anything you do, such as learning a piano lesson or a new cooking recipe, bettering the art of communication, or learning a new language. There are videos, podcasts, articles, or courses on everything you are interested in.
  • Book reading is a very productive habit, and of course, you can take guidance from a book if you want to learn something. Also, making notes while reading can help you with key points later. You can also watch a video or listen to a podcast from an expert in your concerned area/field.

3. Practice with Consistency

  • A plan without implementation is just like cash on an uninhabited island- useless. Therefore, implement your plans and keep practicing to get desired results.
  • Consistency is key in practicing or learning any skill. Practicing a skill multiple times daily is much better than practicing it once a day. Yes, there are some skills, such as public speaking, which need a proper audience, but a regular practice even at your home will help you a lot.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Get Help when Needed

  • An expert opinion is always useful. You can get help from an expert by visiting his/her blog or can comment your query on their LinkedIn posts.
  • Hiring a mentor is another great option. You can hire a teacher, coach, or expert according to your willingness. Mentors are actually a more effective option because you can directly converse with them. Also, a mentor will analyze your abilities and help you improve your skills according to your abilities. Most importantly, you can get instant/regular feedback on your progress.

5. Acknowledge and Celebrate Your Victories

  • Not celebrating you're your achievements, even the minor ones, is a sin. Sometimes, people become very enthusiastic when they see people around them succeeding but fail to recognize their own achievements. Whenever you achieve even a minor goal, take some time to cherish it. Have dinner with your friends or loved ones, take a day off and give yourself the deserved applauds.

Bottom Line

If you

  • Truly believe that you can learn a skill or be good at something,
  • Practice consistently,
  • Equip yourself with knowledge,
  • And seek help when needed

You will see visible results and can learn skills quickly, but you need to be focused, spend enough time, and hire a mentor if needed.

Most importantly, never underestimate the importance of practicing any skill and being focused. You can control these two things, and unfortunately, people often lack in these two departments- practice and focus.

A consistent effort, enough time, and a smart approach can help you achieve anything you desire.


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