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5 Proven Ways to Strengthen Your Communication Skills

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5 Proven Ways to Strengthen Your Communication Skills

It is good to have expertise in science, mathematics, or technology. But, there is a must-have skill necessary to be successful at work and in life, and that is communication. Unfortunately, our educational system doesn't pay as much attention to this particular skill as it should. This skill is one that needs constant improvement, even if you are good at it.

Here are some things to remember while communicating with others

1. What is the purpose of communication

Setting or knowing the goal/reason for communication is very important. That said, if the purpose of communication is to negotiate for a business deal, then prepare your mind for the best possible negotiation and look for agreeable points. Knowing the purpose of what you want to achieve in communicating with the other party will help you better prepare.

2. Maintain appropriate eye contact

Appropriate eye contact with the concerned person is very crucial. For instance, having low eye contact conveys a sense of lack of interest, and too much eye contact may be a sign of aggression. Keep modesty while making eye contact. An ideal time to make eye contact is when either of the two parties is speaking. Avoid any eye contact during silence. This is a proven practice, and you can try it yourself.

3. Converse with open-ended questions

Sometimes, a conversation can become boring or fruitless if your questions can be answered in a simple YES or NO. Try to ask and promote open-ended questions. This will allow both parties to have a more yielding conversation.

4. Listen better

Those who are good at listening, they are great at communicating too. Listening to others with due interest is a rare quality nowadays. Good eye contact will help too.


  • Nobody likes to be interrupted while speaking. Therefore, listen quietly when others are speaking. You will get your time.
  • Be attentive while listening: Giving attention to the speaker is not only compulsory from a business perspective, but it is an important part of ethics. Therefore, pay attention to the speaker.


5. Make sure that you and the other party understand each other.

Miscommunication is a very common thing while communicating. We often misinterpret the information while communicating. To avoid this, you can ask questions for further clarification, or you can restate what the other person said to make sure you are on the same page.

Misinterpretation can happen at other’s end too. For that, you may ask questions to make sure the other party understood you. Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand.

In conclusion

It is a fact that improving your communication skills will help you become more effective in many facets of your life and most certainly, in the workplace. The truth is that even if you believe that you are highly skilled in communicating, there is always room for improvement. Use the 5 proven ways to strengthen your communication skills discussed above and see for yourself how it will make a positive impact on your work and personal life.


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