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Leadership Skills in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty!

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Leadership Skills in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty!

Fear of making the wrong choice often puts us in emotional distress where our mind cannot see even the clear and obvious choice. That being said, making tough decisions is not as complicated as it seems, and luckily I have come up with the following 4 easy steps to help you make tough decisions.

If there is anything to learn from the current pandemic, it is to understand the immense importance of improvisation in difficult times. Leadership skills are essential as it is, but the real test of an individual comes when faced with adversity. Only when one has all the odds stacked against them in an uncertain and unfavorable environment, do they reveal their true nature.

The Recent Pandemic has left the world economy in shambles. With the entire economic system in a pitiful state, it is only in these situations that one must stand up and face the crisis and uncertainty head-on.

Essential Factors that can help bring the best in Situations

It is an undeniable truth that with the current circumstances, almost every work environment has been profoundly affected. Although it is difficult to altogether bypass the hurdles that are presenting themselves, the following are some ways we can minimize them.

The Balance between Optimism and Realism

Truth be told, we genuinely have no guaranteed idea when this pandemic will be resolved, and when our lives will be back to normal. If they ever will be. But this shouldn’t diminish one's hopes entirely. The Earth continues to rotate, and the show must go on.

One must understand the balance that differentiates on tasks and goals that have become an impossibility and the ones that can still be achieved. When we have narrowed down what can and can't be done, we must step forward to do what we can in the best way possible, then hope for the best.

The World is a Small Place

Despite the differences that we have marked each other with that distinguish ourselves from others, we must understand that we are all in this together. You are not the only one affected by this global catastrophe.

Everyone around you from your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, companions, and whatnot, are in the same boat as you are. These are times that, instead of being selfish and unapologetic, we must band together to help each other out. Understand what others are going through and strive to help them in this desperate time.

If your colleagues or team are hesitant to pursue a goal, sit down, and understand what they are going through. Everyone isn’t fortunate enough to move on with no worries. However, it is our responsibility to help everyone do so.

Sticking Together

With the premise of social distancing, the lines that establish strong relations are blurred. Whether someone is a few pages ahead or an entire chapter behind, we should make efforts to get everyone on the same page.

This is the time for all of us to regroup, strategize, and establish a new set of goals that everyone can move forward with. With the current situation, everyone has a limited capacity with which they can move forward, and we must clarify what everyone can and can't do in said scenarios.

Clarity in Communication

Although physically, everyone has been separated, however, that doesn’t stop anyone from utilizing the perks of the modern era to socialize with each other. The internet has granted everyone the ability to communicate, and we need it now more than ever.

Although it is still not a replacement of the conventional way, it is a good makeshift. Due to the limitations, we must practice clear, concise, and effective communication that makes our journey to success, effective, and as effortless as possible.

Perseverance and Determination

Although it is easy to get dwindled up in the overwhelming chaos that is swallowing the world right now, it is equally, if not more important, to not lose sight of one’s goals. Focus, Determination, Perseverance, and indomitable Willpower are qualities that differentiate an average team from the ideal team. Make sure everyone is on board and at their best because that is almost always a recipe for a fruitful and productive result.


With the premise of working from home prevalently being used everywhere, it is easy for one to assume a position of complacency. However, now more than ever is the time to prevent one from falling into the pit of complacency.

When everyone else is hindered by the current pandemic, you must gather all the tools that you have and continue to innovate. A strict yet empathetic work environment will rid away all complacency in the workplace and motivate everyone to achieve their goals.

Improvisation and Adaptation

Adversity is a necessary attachment that comes with success. But reinvention and improvisation are useful tools that can transform a dead-end goal into a straight path towards success. There is a strong possibility that with the current circumstances, achieving the goals that we have envisioned to achieve in so long can be deemed impossible.

But that is the time when we should instead strive to improvise. It is better to seek ways of adapting our goals to bypass the hurdle and still reach our endgame instead of abandoning them entirely.


So, in a nutshell, the work environment is bound to change drastically if it hasn’t already due to the pandemic. The order of precedence of tasks and goals is probably lost in the mix, and the central premise of entire strategies can be brought to question.

With effective leaders, people can continue to forge their path to success regardless of the overwhelming circumstances that surround them. And, with proper vision, commitment, communication, teamwork, and perseverance, any goal can be completed.

Dom LeRoux

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