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The Art of Solving Complex Dilemmas With Less Effort

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The Art of Solving Complex Dilemmas With Less Effort

How our unconscious mind can solve "puzzles."

A recent study by a neurologist, David Creswell from Carnegie Mellon University, concluded that when people distract themselves for some time while making a tough decision, the distraction provides them a better chance to think unconsciously and make better decisions.

The unconscious part of the human brain is amazingly resourceful. If we are focusing on a specific task and decide to take a break, our unconscious mind will keep working on that thing, and we will get better insights on the issue.

Let your mind relax and take things to step-by-step. If you are stuck with something, do not push yourself to solve it forcefully because it does not work that way. Take a break and let your mind do the rest.

Recent studies also concluded that minor distractions could actually boost our productivity. If you are working continuously, taking a nap or relaxing your mind will improve your productivity.

How can minor distractions improve your problem-solving skills (Daily routine examples)

You are stuck with choosing one destination for your upcoming vacations. Tough task, right? Well, you can distract your mind for some time, and you will see your preferences pop up without thinking much.

We all know how important relationships are in our lives. Sometimes, when we talk about things, it soon turns into arguments and can lead to gruesome misunderstandings. But, if you think about those wonderful moments you spent with that person, you may back off from that argument to avoid worst outcomes.

You wanted to lose weight; therefore, you decided to follow a healthy diet plan to achieve your objective. However, due to "unknown" reasons, you could not follow the diet plan, but you are also confused about where it went wrong. How about you divert your attention and start doing something you don't do regularly. Your unconscious mind will kick-in, and you may get to the causes of the problem.

Financial investments include really important and risky decisions because a wrong move can cost you a lot of bucks. If you are surrounded by depression, anxiety, or frustration, do not make such decisions in these conditions. It is better to take some time off and relax your mind by doing something pleasing, like play with your dog. This will allow your mind to make a better analysis of the given options.

Playing video games or other strategy games like chess can boost your decision making. These games require instant decision making and f you play these games off and on, and you start developing a skill of making instant decisions effectively.

Exhausted or fatigued minds have this tendency to make irrational decisions. However, if we allow our unconscious mind to intervene, we can have much better results without much effort. Keep your mind relaxed and let things come to you.


Dom LeRoux |

Let's face it, 2020 has not been easy on anyone, bringing more stress and anxiety than ever before, and affecting our ability to make good decisions. One thing that can make decisions easier for us is to allow our unconscious mind to help us in sorting things out. This can help us decide things effectively and easily.

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