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Why You Should Do the Hard Things First?

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Why You Should Do the Hard Things First?

When it come to get things done, both at home and at work, it’s never easy to do the harder things first. Like most people, you probably start your day by doing easier things first. The problem with doing things that are easier and more enjoyable first is that those things are often aren’t very helpful and contribute little to our success or goals.

Difficult Tasks Determine Our Chances of Success

Believe it or not, your success rate depends highly on difficult tasks rather than the small and easier ones. Let's move on to some examples to have a better understanding.

  • We all know how squats can be hard, and leg extensions are easier to do. Do you know which is more effective for strengthening your legs? Yes, it is squats.
  • Cold calling an outdated listings is challenging, while it's convenient to have an open house. Can you tell which is more effective in generating revenue as a real estate agent?
  • Scrubbing a floor is far easier to do than sweeping it, and no one needs to tell you which method is going to clean your floor more effectively.

Here are some of the reasons why you should do hard things first.

  1. You are full of energy in the morning, and tackling difficult tasks at this time is easy as compared to the later stage of the day.
  2. Finishing difficult tasks pave the way for a relaxed day. The burden looming over your head of the hard things can make your day miserable and full of stress.
  3. Don't you want to stand out of the crowd and be the person who faces difficult tasks first when everyone is looking to finish more comfortable tasks? This strategy will not only build self-confidence, but it will also help you to grow and succeed.
  4. Most people look for excuses when hard tasks are given to them. In comparison, you can build your image of a competent and reliable worker by finishing off the difficult tasks. It will certainly help you to move forward in your professional career.
  5. Overthinking can complicate things, and you should follow the simple formula of Just Do It. The more you think about the tasks, the harder it becomes, so stop thinking and get to it. If you are having a problem taking action, then the book "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins can help you.


Even if the difficult task is unpleasant and does not hold the importance, it will still be a wise decision to get it out of the way as soon as you can. It will provide you with a sense of relief which will surely benefit you later on. By adopting this method, you will notice a sharp decline in your stress level, more free time for family and higher chances of success both at home and at work.

Dom LeRoux

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